WebCrafters is software house, you need!

We create and develop dedicated websites and applications – both mobile and web.
We also implement and personalize projects that are based on ready to use CMS – we specialize in e-commerce solutions.

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What do we do?

We will craft your idea into working application!

For our customers we use a wide range of solutions – down below you can see a few example!

Dedicated CMS

We create dedicated content management systems (CMS). Customized to needs and requirements of our Clients. We try to understand best your business idea and logic. We mostly use frameworks known as Laraver and Symfony, but we are open minded for other technology.

Dedicated applications

For our customers we develop dedicated applications such as CRM or ERM systems – we create integration between already existing apps and new ones. We can develop projects that use fully scalable cloud infrastructure.

Ready to use CMS

We created many projects which use prepared CMS – we made blogs, business websites, and personalized websites using WordPress. For e-commerce projects we mostly use frameworks such as Shoper, PrestaShop or Magento – depending from customers needs and requirements.

Mobile applications

Do you need mobile game or application for your business? We can create them both for iOS and Android.

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Selected projects:

White label projects
White label projects

Technologies, that we use

Just like every programmers, we have our favorite technologies, which you will find down below. In addition to them, we know much more, so if you are interested in a specific technology, contact us with contact form.


Extremely popular PHP framework based on Symphony, uses MVC architecture.


Crucial Javascript framework, that revolutionized front-end technologies, maintaned and developed by Google.


One of the most popular Javascript frameworks, made by Facebook. It allows to create dynamic interfaces of web applications.


Recognized and valued for many years PHP framework, is used for building logic of websites.


Vue.js is an open-source solution made by former Google employee, Evan You. Is used for creation both simple components and whole projects.


Framework, which allows to create mobile apps for iOS and Android simultaneously with using Javascript.

Expand your team

Bodyleasing – we will lend You a programmer!

Software houses frequently meet a certain problem – a scarcity of programmers. Recruitment process is long, takes time and financial resources not only fo recruitment itself but also for workplace equipment. It’s often pointless, if project will take a short period of time (for example 2 months), it’s hard to find a person, who is interested in such short employment time.

It doesn’t matter if you represent software house, creative agency or other company – we encourage you to contact through our dedicated contact form. In this form please specify technologies you are interested in, estimated project time and amount of programmers you need. Remember, you don’t need to lease a programmer for only a month – it can be different, shorter or longer time interval – we are flexible!

The other situation, when a bodyleasing is a good choice is when you have touch with technology, that you don’t have anyone in your team with enough competences to work with it. It doesn’t necessary to abandon the project or do fast recruitment – just contact us!

Mateusz Lenicki
Mateusz Lenicki

Join our team!

If you wish to work with us and feel, that you fit in our team – send us a notification through this contact form.

Our clients

Look, what our clients think about us

Satisfaction our clients and mutual understanding are very importnant to us. We learn from them and we pass on our knowledge, that is why it enjoy us when they are satisfied with coopoeration.

Michał Garwacki / Synermedia


WebCrafters is a stable, flexible and versatile partner, who has in his team persons with many competences at a high level.

Mike Jackowski / Asper


WebCrafters is a reliable partner, who I can for sure recommend anybody. They provide not only development services at a high level, but primarily they are well organised, responsible and enterprising. Their approach distinguishes them from a whole mass of companies, who provide similar services.

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