How do we work?

Learn about the process of creating your new website

According to publicly available data, most companies change their websites every 3 years. Our goal is to make such a website that you won't need a new one ever again. We create with long-term needs and market realities in mind, so you get a site that you can grow with your business long after your competitors have incurred the cost of designing another one.


    Analysis of your needs

    After an in-depth understanding of your expectations, we will propose a set of solutions that will allow you to create a website that is easy to use and expand while allowing your business to grow dynamically.


    Research and planning

    At this stage, we gather all the information and materials that will allow us to deliver your new website efficiently. This is also the moment when we set up a calendar of work to make sure you receive the results on time.


    UX and UI Design

    The next step in implementing your new website is to prepare its visual layer. This is where we make sure that the site's structure is clear and its design facilitates navigation.


    Implementation and deployment

    Once we know what the site should look like and you have approved the mockups, our developers start working on the technical layer of the site. At this stage, we create all the planned functionalities and ensure the site is reliable.



    It's time for meticulous testing. This is the first contact of your new site with the outside world. Our testers will take your new site apart to ensure that your target users don't encounter errors or difficulties that might hinder them from taking advantage of your offer.


    Website Launch

    Once we're confident that everything works and looks the way you expect it to, we'll support you in getting your site up and running. We can take care of the proper migration, server configuration, or ongoing care to keep it running smoothly long after it's completed.


    What do you get?

    What do you get from WebCrafters besides a modern website?

    Companies do not invest in new websites for the sake of having one. For them, a website is a tool to project the right image, increase sales or achieve other business goals. With this in mind, we want to make sure that even after the design work is completed, we will help you achieve these goals.

    Security as a priority

    While no website is completely immune to outside attacks, by using only proven technology when developing your site, we can make sure it meets all security requirements, so you can rest assured that your assets are effectively protected.

    Thoughtful technology solutions

    With WebCrafters, you don't have to worry that we will create your website in a niche programming language or framework that only we specialize in. We work with technologies valued by developers worldwide, making it easier to continue developing and maintaining your site.

    Implementation compliant with SEO standards

    We are fully aware of how important it is to optimize the website according to Google guidelines to display it high in search results. We take care of loading speed and use solutions that will make your site SEO-friendly.

    Continuous optimization

    Trends change, technology evolves, but we keep our hand in and make sure your website stays modern and is built using technologies, libraries and other resources that are developed by their creators or the surrounding community.

    Strategic analysis

    Our experience allows us not only to make your vision a reality effectively but also to suggest solutions that can positively affect the website's functionality. We make sure that our work is in line with your expectations and brings real benefits to your business.

    Support and development

    Your website is already visible on the web, but our work doesn't necessarily end there. New functionalities, updates, security audits, or taking care of hosting - we handle all these and many other aspects of website development and maintenance at WebCrafters daily for our partners from all over the world. We can support you in this area as well.

    On a daily basis, we use carefully selected technologies that allow us to scale effectively and guarantee the flexibility required by our partners.

    We analyze each project individually, so we can offer solutions that best fit your needs. Arrange a free and no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs end link to contact form.






    <?php echo '<p>Hello World </p>'; ?>



    namespace App\Http\Controllers;

    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
    use App\Http\Requests;

    class HelloController extends Controller


    * Display a listing of the resource.


    * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response


    public function index()


    return view('hello-world');



    selector: 'app-hello-world',
    template:` <p>
    hello-world works!
    styleUrls: ['./hello-world.component.css']

    const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(document.getElementById('root'));
    root.render(<h1>Hello, world!</h1>);
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">


    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <title>Hello World in Vue.js</title>



    <div id="hello-world-app">

    <h1> {{ msg }}</h1>






    new Vue({

    el: "#hello-world-app",

    data() {

    return {

    msg: "Hello World!"







    namespace App\Controller;

    use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

    class HelloController

    public function index(): Response


    return new Response('



    <h1>Hello World</h1>






    Programming language utilized by as many as 78% of all websites in the entire world.

    A PHP framework with enduring popularity and a dedicated community of thousands of developers worldwide.

    A groundbreaking Javascript framework that revolutionized front-end technologies, backed and branded by Google.

    A Javascript-based library created and developed by Facebook, used in the design of UI solutions.

    Created by a former Google employee, a Javascript framework designed for the highest possible performance.

    A flexible and fast PHP-based framework that enables efficient project scaling and functionality development.

    What do you get?

    Our online stores will put you miles ahead of your competition

    The reliability and security of your online store are not only something your customers expect from you. They are also aspects that directly affect the revenue generated by your business. Every hour off-line is a loss that no one can reimburse you for, which is why we emphasize guaranteeing you comprehensive technological support.


    SEO website system for a flight search engine

    In 2017, one of the largest airline intermediaries in Europe approached us. As part of the implementation, we conducted several days of workshops at the client's headquarters to gather system requirements. The foundation of the system was a CMS WordPress, which was used to manage the content of the pages. Our goal was to implement a feature that allowed the design of page templates through a visual template editor we prepared. Data was then supplied via a CSV file, which was used to populate the template we had prepared earlier. Furthermore, we integrated the client's internal API into the generated pages, which provided flight offers and customer reviews. An additional challenge was optimizing these pages, which we solved on the infrastructure side (using Docker and Kubernetes) as well as in the software, which saved and updated pages as static files.

    Project development time

    9 months





    Headless WordPress service

    For our client, an American insurance company, we created a corporate website using headless technology. We successfully met the strict security department guidelines, which required the separation of the public website from the internal content management panel. Despite these requirements, we managed to create a lightweight, fast, and intuitive website that caters to both insurance agents and the company's customers.

    Project development time

    4 months




    Web Application

    ERP and online store for a Swedish company specializing in vehicle interior installations

    A Swedish manufacturer specializing in vehicle interior installations approached us, seeking an efficient development team to take over the maintenance of their extensive ERP system. As part of our collaboration, we migrated the system to a new server infrastructure, optimized its performance, and undertook the rewriting of a portion of the legacy technology-based system.

    Project development time

    18 months




    Web Application

    Airport parking system

    In 2020, we completed a project for a parking reservation system at one of the Polish airports. As part of the implementation, we designed and deployed an application that allows users to make parking reservations. We also integrated the system with parking gate barriers and created a reservation management panel.

    Project development time

    7 months




    More than 9 years on the market, hundreds of successful projects

    Most of our clients hire us because they need a new online store. However, they stay with us because they find in WebCrafters a reliable technology partner, supporting them comprehensively from the tech side.

    We are not a software house. We are your outsourced IT department that will take care of your business just like an in-house team of programmers, designers, and project managers would.

    Our core values

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