How does Body Leasing work at WebCrafters?

Body Leasing in 6 easy steps

Our role is not limited to presenting you with candidates who meet your technical requirements. We want to make sure that the specialists we propose to you fully understand your expectations and needs.


    Analysis of your needs

    We want to find out not only what specialists you need, but also in what areas they should support you and what are the biggest challenges facing your organization. Only then will we be able to provide you with expert profiles that fit your expectations 100%.


    Providing you with candidate profiles

    As soon as possible, we will present you with the profiles of programmers, designers, or testers who have been carefully selected by us and have gone through our rigorous screening process. As a result, you can select candidates who meet your requirements.


    Choosing specialists

    You point us to the profiles of people who best fit the needs of your business, and we make every effort to ensure that the onboarding of the selected candidates proceeds smoothly and efficiently.


    We begin the project

    You receive a contract to sign, which clearly defines the terms of cooperation. This way, you know exactly what to expect from WebCrafters and what our obligations are in relation to your company. Now our experts can start working at your convenience.


    We make sure you are satisfied

    But that is not the end of our role. We want to ensure that you are not only satisfied with the quality of our specialists' work, but also with the level of communication, advice, or any other aspect essential to your organization.


    You discover a different quality of body leasing

    Having WebCrafters provide you with body leasing means more than just a minimal rotation of experts for your project, it is also an uninterrupted continuity of work. And a commitment to ensuring that our specialists meet your technical requirements while providing you with comprehensive support in product development, team expansion, or long-term strategy.


    Who do we work with?

    We support companies like yours by providing them with top experts

    Body leasing by WebCrafters is not only a quick and efficient way to fill staffing needs in your organization. It is primarily about understanding your business needs and providing you with experts who can effectively support you in the most critical areas of your business.

    Companies without internal IT departments

    Not every organization has its team of programmers, designers, or testers, but every organization has a long list of projects it would like to implement. For such businesses, body leasing is the perfect solution as it avoids long-term and costly staffing commitments and, at the same time, gets support from experienced specialists working on areas specified by the client.

    Companies implementing new solutions

    Even if an IT structure exists within an organization, additional expert support is often required for more complex projects. However, these needs are only sometimes long-term, which is why body leasing is the optimal solution that allows for efficient implementation of new products or features without the need for long-term and uneconomical recruitment of internal specialists.

    Software development companies and agencies

    When time is of the essence, as the start of a project is blocked by staff shortages, we support companies that design software, websites, or web applications. Our seasoned experts assist organizations that currently cannot carry out a project internally so that the product can be created on time and within the budget.


    For rapidly developing organizations that are only beginning to create internal structures, support from outside experts is an opportunity to maintain growth momentum and the only way to support the organization's technological needs. Thanks to body leasing, startups have access to specialized experts who are constantly dealing with the challenges facing a dynamically growing business.

    Organizations working in highly specialized technologies

    Recruiting an expert specialized in a niche programming language or framework for many organizations can be time-consuming and costly. We regularly support companies that create or develop solutions in a less popular technology stack, which is the most beneficial solution for them.

    Companies with staffing shortages

    Even if an organization has its own internal IT department, there is a risk of project delays due to rotation, sick leave, or even longer vacations. In this case, temporary use of external specialist support is an ideal solution that allows for maintaining the effective work of the department. Cooperation during the absence of programmers allows for avoiding costly downtime and continuing the company's current operations.

    On a daily basis, we use carefully selected technologies that allow us to scale effectively and guarantee the flexibility required by our partners.

    We analyze each project individually, so we can offer solutions that best fit your needs. Arrange a free and no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs end link to contact form.






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    namespace App\Http\Controllers;

    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
    use App\Http\Requests;

    class HelloController extends Controller


    * Display a listing of the resource.


    * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response


    public function index()


    return view('hello-world');



    selector: 'app-hello-world',
    template:` <p>
    hello-world works!
    styleUrls: ['./hello-world.component.css']

    const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(document.getElementById('root'));
    root.render(<h1>Hello, world!</h1>);
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">


    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <title>Hello World in Vue.js</title>



    <div id="hello-world-app">

    <h1> {{ msg }}</h1>






    new Vue({

    el: "#hello-world-app",

    data() {

    return {

    msg: "Hello World!"







    namespace App\Controller;

    use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

    class HelloController

    public function index(): Response


    return new Response('



    <h1>Hello World</h1>






    Programming language utilized by as many as 78% of all websites in the entire world.

    A PHP framework with enduring popularity and a dedicated community of thousands of developers worldwide.

    A groundbreaking Javascript framework that revolutionized front-end technologies, backed and branded by Google.

    A Javascript-based library created and developed by Facebook, used in the design of UI solutions.

    Created by a former Google employee, a Javascript framework designed for the highest possible performance.

    A flexible and fast PHP-based framework that enables efficient project scaling and functionality development.

    What do you get?

    Our online stores will put you miles ahead of your competition

    The reliability and security of your online store are not only something your customers expect from you. They are also aspects that directly affect the revenue generated by your business. Every hour off-line is a loss that no one can reimburse you for, which is why we emphasize guaranteeing you comprehensive technological support.

    Web Application

    Airport parking system

    In 2020, we completed a project for a parking reservation system at one of the Polish airports. As part of the implementation, we designed and deployed an application that allows users to make parking reservations. We also integrated the system with parking gate barriers and created a reservation management panel.

    Project development time

    7 months




    Online shop

    Subscription-based dog food store

    A US-based company needed the development of an online store that, thanks to an advanced demand calculator, would allow customers to order personalized pet food. Payments were processed on a subscription model, and order handling and shipping were automated and integrated with fulfillment companies in the USA and Australia. After building the store, we took over its development, working with the client to redesign sales paths to optimize conversions and streamline the ordering process.

    Project development time

    2 years




    Web Application

    ERP and online store for a Swedish company specializing in vehicle interior installations

    A Swedish manufacturer specializing in vehicle interior installations approached us, seeking an efficient development team to take over the maintenance of their extensive ERP system. As part of our collaboration, we migrated the system to a new server infrastructure, optimized its performance, and undertook the rewriting of a portion of the legacy technology-based system.

    Project development time

    18 months




    Online shop

    Packaging configurator

    In 2018, we were tasked with creating a configurator and an online store based on the Sylius platform for an Asian client. As part of the project, we built an interactive packaging configurator that allowed for customizing packaging in terms of dimensions and the precise appearance of the product, even by uploading their own images. We integrated the service with payments using Stripe and an advanced shipping module that calculated costs based on the region, package size, and quantity of items. All orders were automatically routed to the production line thanks to an integration we developed with the internal product specification format used in the factory.

    Project development time

    7 months




    More than 9 years on the market, hundreds of successful projects

    Most of our clients hire us because they need a new online store. However, they stay with us because they find in WebCrafters a reliable technology partner, supporting them comprehensively from the tech side.

    We are not a software house. We are your outsourced IT department that will take care of your business just like an in-house team of programmers, designers, and project managers would.

    Our core values

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