White Label Projects

For our clients, we often carry out projects as a white label team, i.e. without signing them with our brand, only with the client’s brand.

Unfortunately, we can not place such projects in our portfolio with screens, names and links – so we decided, with the consent of our clients, to describe selected projects to illustrate which implementations we were dealing with. Below you will find a list of projects with descriptions.

Project #1

Portal for recruiting students for one of the universities, made using Laravela. The implementation included integration with internal university systems and the creation of a CMS enabling the creation of content using the drag & amp; drop.

Project #2

Shop based on a dedicated Shoper store – implementation required modification of the default order process in accordance with the client’s business logic and creation of a custom template based on the provided design project.

Project #3

Making a shop based on PrestaShop together with the preparation of custom integration with the customer’s warehouse system through CSV files and the implementation of the author’s graphic layout.

Project #4

An internal system for conducting and evaluating training for corporate employees, allowing generation of reports for individual employees. The platform made it possible to manage the type of checking tasks – video quizzes, mini-games, A / B tests and multiple-choice tests. We used Symfony and React frameworks.

Project #5

A system for managing and reporting employee effectiveness, along with resource allocation and invoicing of clients. The technologies we used were Laravel and Vue.js, in terms of invoicing, we created a custom integration with the internal accounting and financial system.

Project #6

We have prepared a website for a startup from the logistics industry. The technologies we used in this project were Laravel and Angular, we also made integration with SMSApi, Infakt, and PayU.

Project #7

We have implemented a production company portal on the WordPress platform which is a company website and a catalog of products and a database of representatives. The website is integrated with the customer’s internal system being the product base.

Project #8

We have built a system for our client to conduct training and webinars with an affiliate program and automatic settlement of teachers’ salaries. We have prepared the website on WordPress, in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines and we have made a hybrid mobile application.

Project #9

We implemented a kiosk application that allows customers of large stores to browse the product database and find matching products after scanning the barcode. We mainly used Angular, we also wrote our own drivers for the barcode scanner and implemented a panel for centralized management of many kiosks.

Project #10

Website for carrying out and monitoring the progress of the Students along with a platform that allows contact with teachers. In this project we used Laravel and Vue.js.

Project #11

We have prepared browser games for children for the client’s marketing campaign, memory, snake and Tetris. We used the Phaser.js library.