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how we work?

Software creation is not simply task – on every step we have with many questions and paths, which we can take. Our role is to help you in choosing a right way, that will be the best for your business.

We focus on communication with you, get to know your business so we can use it to a website or application, that will be a step forward and help for you. We will help you understand how certain technologies work and advise to choose the best suited for you.


Gathering the customer’s requirements and functional project creation

This is the most important step of the project – gathering a precise requirements, designing paths for User and building the mockups, which are the base for creation graphic and functional project. It allows to develop consistent and well-thought product.

We take care of a communication – that is why during the first stage we organize meeting during which we gather information, which are necessary to create functional project and mock-ups.

Reqirements harvested in the beginning are important for next steps of work and their efficient course – if you know, that your project will at some point evolve, tell us about – we will use methodology of Agile, that allows for more flexible approach to project.

Basing on gathered requirements and mock-ups we prepared earlier we start graphic and programming development.

Back-end development – related to service mechanics – can be started simultaneously with creation of graphics of your project, but front-end development needs first acceptance of graphic project from our Client.

After finishing this step you will know, how your project will look like, you will able to test part or whole functionality.


Preparing the graphic for project and programming development.


Project testing and implementing the adjustments

After finishing all works we start tests and implement adjustments – after implementing them we deliver the project to tests on the customer side. Our tests include both mechanics and appearance of service – on a desktop and mobile devices.

If customer reports ideas for new functionality or changes already existing, we determine together their range and time of development.

We carry an implementation on the client side to administration issues of project, so the client can independently administrate the service and adding a content.

We provide a warranty for our service and it’s range and span of time depends on individual arrangements. If you know, that your service will need systematic development and support from our side, we provide maintenance.

On this step your project works and gains for you!


Delivering a working product


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